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Monday Monster: Quicksilver Ooze

Quicksilver oozes are a freakish combination of alchemical reagents and magical energy, born from laboratory experiments gone awry. Their shape is completely malleable, but when at rest a quicksilver ooze most closely resembles a pool of liquid silver. The ooze is rarely at rest, however, as it searches the world for its lone source of…

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Monday Monster: Altamaha-ha

Darien, GA (WKQ News): State police today arrested a man on the Altamaha River for driving under the influence. The driver’s fishing boat flipped during a dangerous one craft incident. Both the driver and his passenger received only minor injuries. “We are determined to crack down on irresponsible operators who insist on driving while intoxicated,”…

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Monday Monster: The Headless Horseman

Tarry Town, NY (WKQ News): Local farmers report a series of odd events, as a man on horseback gallops through their fields each night. Local police believe the rider to be a single prankster. “Whoever this is,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Andrews, “he should know that we do not find his actions funny. He’s causing…

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Monday Monster: Black Agnes

Baltimore, MD (WKQ News): Gang activity in the Saint Agnes neighborhood continues to vex authorities. The latest initiation rite is especially troubling for those serving the city’s youth: Gang members dare young people to spend the night in a local cemetery, only to strangle them during the night. Experts are hampered in their investigations by…

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Monday Monster: The Pope Lick Monster

Louisville, KY (WKQ News): Earlier today, four teenagers fell to their deaths at the Norfolk Southern Railway trestle. One survivor suffered multiple fractures and is in guarded condition at Ten Broeck Hospital. He told authorities that the teens, all recent high school graduates, had been visiting legendary sites including the New Jersey Pine Barrens and…

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