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Loaded Dice: Fight Smarter, Not Harder

There’s an old saying that no battle plan survives the first touch of actual combat. For players who want to make a party more than the sum of its parts, one of the key ingredients is strategy. While any adventurer might be a force to be reckoned with by himself or herself, no one is…

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Loaded Dice: Bigger Guns

Why Do Gunslingers Give So Many GMs a Heart Attack? I think by now we’ve all had that argument with our storytellers. You know the one. It has raged across forums and at more Saturday night gaming tables than I’d care to mention after Paizo released Ultimate Combat. It’s the debate that starts with the…

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Good Versus Evil

How Alignments Can Lead to Better Roleplaying and Deeper Characterization We’ve all had that conversation with a DM. You know the one. You have a really great concept, the character has motivation to join the party, and by and large you feel that you’d be able to push the game forward and heighten the drama…

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Loaded Dice: What’s My Motivation?

We’ve all been part of one of those games. The kind where characters come together during the goblin raid, where they watch each other’s backs through the tense nights sneaking into the ogre’s cave outside of town, but when it comes time for the next part of the adventure, the party shatters. The rogue steals…

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Loaded Dice: Called Shots

The Advantages, Disadvantages, and What You Can Expect in Pathfinder Dealing damage in Pathfinder can take a lot of different forms, flavor-wise. A good storyteller will look at the weapon a player’s character is using, the spell that was cast, the creature being attacked, and weave together a complete image of what that attack looked…

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